Things have been going very smoothly in your life lately, and it's mostly because you have done so much good work to make it that way! You deserve a chance to relax and enjoy it, but you should also be mindful that you don't turn your brain off. Living on auto pilot will be very dangerous for you right now. You have to be aware of your life, of the things you do, and the people you relate to every day. Letting your mind wander is fine, letting your mind sleep is not.

Try to expose yourself to a different kind of music or visual art than you usually are drawn to. It could spark an idea or urge deep inside of you that you never even knew was there -- or at the very least it will work your mind in a new way. Right now your artistic sensibilities are heightened, which is making you much more open to hearing or seeing things in a new way. You are ready to think differently and all you need to do is find something new thing to think about.

The monthly horoscope speaks of a variable period. Your thinking would become serious and deep. Be positive and stay away from negative thoughts. Sharp wits and patient thinking would help you sail through tough situations easily. Speak thoughtfully and make promises only if you can keep them. The period from mid of the first half of this month seems stressful. Keep your expenses in check and avoid lavish spending. The monthly horoscope speaks of possible spending on an expensive gift for a friend or your lover. Traveling abroad frequently could hurt your financial condition. Good energy levels would keep you energized and enthusiastic while the company of your friends would keep you at peace and satisfied. From the first quarter of the month onwards, a delicate time for marriage life or business partnerships is likely. Be very careful while handling related matters and keep a humble approach. Being too honest with your words could work against you. A month seems favorable for starting a new work. Existing work would also flourish, with possible new projects. If running a business, there will be a hectic work schedule for you, yet new work would keep you motivated and enthusiastic. You may invest in your work after careful planning. Destiny seems to support you. Hard work would bring you the desired results this month. Work-related profits as well as a pay hike are likely. Always keep your promises. If you have been working towards a foreign project for a long time, you would finally get it. You might have to take frequent short trips for work. If working in a partnership, be careful about your association or closeness with your partner and avoid sharing everything with them blindly. If in a job, a month seems good for your career growth. Promotion as well as a salary raise is possible. Sincere efforts and hard work would eventually profit you and fetch you the desired results. If planning for a job change, suitable opportunities would come your way. Traveling for new work projects is possible this month. A monthly horoscope shows mixed results for your finances. As the month starts, rising expenses might keep you confused. Spend wisely and avoid wastage of money. Be careful against a possible sudden loss that could delay your work. You may profitably invest in your work. Investments in any land-related work might cause a legal issue and thus, you should avoid it. Loan-related matters seem favorable. There is a good possibility that you would receive a pending payment this month. Expenses on jewelry or gifts are indicated. You might have to spend money to clear an old issue. Your father might be unable to help you financially. Beware of property-related disputes cropping up with your mother during this month. Watch your expenses while traveling abroad. The month brings indications of lovely showers of romance for you. The lover in you would act in full swing. Relation with your lover seems peaceful and cordial. Long drives and expensive gifts would further strengthen your bond. The chances of a love marriage seem strong. If you are single and in love with someone, be confident and propose to your love. A positive response would soon fill your life with love. Marriage life seems average. Quarrels with your partner might keep you disturbed and you might feel disconnected from your partner. Throughout the month, be careful and handle sensitive issues patiently and diplomatically. If needed, spend some time away from each other till things get better. Speak softly and keep anger in check. Family life looks disturbed throughout this month. Stress due to financial issues would hamper the peace at home. Family expenses would fall on your shoulders and could be a cause of tension. Lack of support from parents could demotivate you, yet remain positive, as things would change soon. A celebration or party at home for children are possible that would ease the family stress and bring the members together. Keep a soft tone while speaking and your anger in check. Family trips would be peaceful and refreshing. Health-wise, a month seems average. Head or stomach related ailments are possible this month and you should remain careful about it. Think less to avoid stress. If needed, spend more time indulging in entertainment or self-pleasure activities. Students should prepare for a month of hard work and complete focus on studies. This is the golden period of your life and you should utilize it to build strong foundations for your career. Avoid spending too much time on social media, as these distractions could severely affect your studies and results. If appearing for competitions prepare well and focus on your goals. Applying for exams could be costly. Your children seem to lack focus. They would be more interested in playing or spending time with friends. Push them to avoid laziness and to concentrate on their studies. If needed, find a good and experienced helper for your children.

This is an empowering year to discover who you are in your deepest realms by being able to invest in the work and discipline mode you are most comfortable with. New and healthier routines that encompass physical fitness and eating routines can free you to explore the delights of the life around you. There would be innumerable tasks to be done; some need a start, others a closing bell and the like. Keep your targets focused and pursue your goals in life, even if it means at high costs. Your most important areas of interest in the year ahead are the body, image and personal appearance, the pleasures of the body and finance and home, family and domestic concerns, health, love and social activities (for many years to come). You get busy at helping others learn to use their lives and in doing so come to an acceptance of your own life including your limits and your gifts. This is the period where you can get favorable results in your professional life. You may get promotion if the same is pending. Hard work done in the past will give desired result this year and you may find growth in your professional status. Opponents and rivals will get defeated with the support of colleagues. Seniors may remain satisfied with your performance. Last two months of this year are not favorable and may create misunderstanding at workplace. Teamwork would help you to meet your professional goals this year. Some guys are in for a transfer or relocation. Promotions and pay-hikes are also due for others. Those in the lower rungs of the corporate ladder would now be able to climb up, but beware not to burn the rungs you had climbed on. This year you see the dramatic connection between self-esteem and earning power. Because you are becoming more you have larger and better ideas for yourself. You inevitably earn more. You command more in the marketplace. This year promises to bring ‘hands on’ activities that enhance your finances and material security. It is both a year to learn new skills by assessing where you need to grow and to embrace new players in the realm of your ability to earn and work for your resources. You may be thinking of investing money in profitable business due to favorable financial position this year. You may also be planning of purchasing household luxury items. There would be significant changes in the financial standing. During the year, friends and relatives would be a good source of inspiration for you to make more money. Property deals would be able to fetch you good returns for the period. Putting your mind towards a bigger goal, a group oriented project is likely to yield some positive financial rewards and also lead to important and long lasting work relationships and commitments. Those into business ventures would find the time more favorable for accumulation of finances. In general the monetary status would be quite satisfactory for the period though major revamps are ruled out. This year can be considered favorable for lovers. You will remain happy and enjoy the company of your lover. This is a favorable period for those who want to marry this year and turn their love life into married life. Pending issues of marriage may get resolved. Your emotions would be under control for most of the period that your love would be stronger than ever. The single ones have the chance of meeting the love of their life this time period. The levels of attraction would be just great to rope in potential partners for life. Relationships that are started after the first quarter of the year have more chances of surviving any negative trends later on. Try to strike a good balance between romance, fun and the practical side of life. The best kind of relationship would be where change and experimentation can happen within the relationship but this is rare. Love comes suddenly and out of the blue this year. You never know when it will strike. You never know when it will leave. Always enjoy the moment. You are very much an at-first-sight type of person now. As the year starts you would be fit as a fiddle. As it moves on take ample time to rest, relax and rejuvenate yourself. Do go in for short breaks and trips to charge you positively. Make sure a sense of optimism prevails around you this year. This would help you to tread ahead in style. However some health concerns are likely for you. Many of you have been interested in spiritual healing techniques for many years. This trend is only going to intensify now. Prayer, meditation, speaking the word, laying on of hands, yoga and polarity therapies are all going to become very interesting now and you will get good results from these kinds of things. Many of you are going to develop your own healing talents (already considerable) along these lines. Take a resolve to stop bad health habits that have been haunting you for quite a few years now. Prevention is better than cure when it comes to your health in general for the whole year ahead. Family life appears to be satisfactory most of the time this year. Relations with friend circle will also be good. You will feel positivity in life. You will enjoy the support and happiness from your family, friend circle and relatives. This is the time when you will also enjoy the luxuries of life even in stress. Favorable financial position may give idea to invest for acquisition of assets. Certain compromises are also called for in this time period. A quick and rather offensive decision needs to be taken during the year as to who stays in and who stays out of the family circle. Position yourself in the centre and try to strike good cordial with those in the family arena. Many of you feel a need to reform the whole family pattern. The old ways of doing things, child-rearing and domestic routines are seen as ‘evil’ and they need to be done away with. There could be secret, undercover wars with certain family members. Home and family issues will tend to be most active.