Some images deriving from dreams or visions might provide inspiration for ideas to redecorate your house. You might spend some time perusing books in order to find ways to put your ideas to work for you. Then you'll embrace the task with a passion! Speaking of passion and romance are also very much on your mind at this time. Get a lover to help you with your work. This could propel you to some rather pleasant consequences

Your logical mind might try to make rational sense of the strange metaphysical ideas that are popping in and out of your head today. Some of them might be conclusions drawn from books you've been reading, but others might actually be messages from the other side. Write down whatever insights come your way. They might not seem logical, but they'll make a difference to your life. In the evening, discuss these ideas with a love partner.

Horoscope for you seems an energy-filled period with loads of excitement. As the New Year begins, your plans to work on something new would proceed smoothly. However, new work would bring new expenses on your shoulders. Be patient and careful while driving. Control your anger and avoid arguments with anyone. Confusions or uncertainties about your current work could cause some stress. Don’t get emotionally carried away or trust anyone blindly. Flow of income as well as expenses seem to rise. A sudden plan to travel abroad might cancel at the last moment due to lack of preparations. Your bonding with younger siblings and your father might suffer this month. Take care of your mother’s health during this month. Chances of gains from parental property seem good after mid-month. Destiny might not favor you, yet don’t worry, as your hard work would eventually bring the desired results. Confidence seems good after the second half of the month. Take any important decisions in this period only. Responsibilities appear to increase. If working in politics, a good accomplishment is likely near the end of the month. Religious inclination seems to rise and bring you peace of mind. Beware of rising competition. Your monthly horoscope appears quite eventful. Your excitement levels seem off the charts as the New Year begins, yet stress might prevail. If starting a new work, be patient and work carefully. If running a business, take important work related decisions only after the second half of the month. Be diplomatic while bonding with your colleagues. Traveling abroad frequently for a new project is likely, where profits as well as your work prospects could greatly improve. If running a business in partnership, share everything with your partner and avoid secrecy or misunderstandings to keep the work atmosphere smooth. Do not start a new partnership with a friend this month. If holding a job, your sincere efforts and hard work would fetch you appreciation from your superiors and a possible pay hike this month. Good offers would come to you if you were searching for a new job. Post mid-month, things seem even better for job change. Transfer related matters look favorable. Your career graph is likely to reach new heights with new work projects from foreign companies. Financially, horoscope tells an interesting story. While flow of income and profits seems good, expenses on shopping and self-improvement are likely to rise. Foreign travels would further add to your expenses. Sudden profits through an old investment or a pending payment would improve your financial condition. Wealth gains from your father would boost your spirits. A pay hike is likely to help you finish any pending financial work comfortably. A friend might help in improving your finances this month. Loan related matters seem favorable. Avoid making big investments to keep stress away. Rewards from a land related matter are likely this month. Be careful if planning to buy a land & stay away from a disputed property. You might have to spend heavily on children’s education. Keep your expenses in check. Consult your elders or an experienced person before starting a new work. Monthly horoscope depicts a tough time for your love and marriage life. If you are dating someone, arguments with your lover are likely. You should spend more time with each other to sort any issues peacefully. Being with each other less often could make things worse. If you are single, do not be hasty while settling for a partner. First, take your time to decide whether the person is a good match for you or not. Chances are you may develop feelings for someone at work after mid-month. It is quite possible that an old lover could try to get back with you. You may choose to restart this relationship. If you are married, things seem smooth. Your partner is likely to earn good profits this month, and would help in improving your financial condition. Surprises from your partner could boost your spirits. A new topic of research would interest your partner and your support would make them happy. Your family life seems comfortable throughout the month. Family seems supportive. If needed, they would help you financially as well. Any prevailing issues with siblings are likely to sort peacefully, thanks to your mother. Minor misunderstandings are possible with your father. Spend more time with family to improve your bonding and plan a family trip. Health wise, horoscope brings mixed results. If suffering from a heart ailment, be careful. Eat fresh and homemade food. In case of viral or infection, consult a doctor immediately. The month looks excellent for the students. Frustration and irritation for unknown reasons could make you lose concentration and thus, influence your results. Desired results would need hard work and a disciplined approach. Focus on your career goals. From mid-month onwards, frequent traveling could cause confusion and wastage of your precious time. Consult your seniors or elders before choosing your study subjects. Spend wisely and try to enhance your savings. Your kids might remain tensed or frustrated, yet would refuse to share their problems with you. Expenses on children seem to rise unexpectedly. Proceed with a focused approach if you want to taste success.

There will be slow changes during this year, which will make it easy for you to keep up with it. Try to reduce your stress levels as much as possible. This will help to keep your mental health in peak health just like your physical body. Try to be as optimistic as possible during this year. The more cheerfully that you think about the future, the more likely it that you are going to have a good time. While you can focus on work all year, you can also use your time to do the things that you love instead. Your year depends on your actions, so make the most of it! The astrology forecast shows some ups and downs for the year ahead, so you might want to settle in for a potentially rocky ride! Through the course of the year, the people who really care for you will be revealed. They will provide you with solid support in any tough times that are to come, and you will come to know who is meaningful to you. They will bring you joy and happiness whenever you are ready to receive it. This will be especially clear in the first few months of the year when times are more difficult. Make sure you stay receptive to their love and warmth. You might find that you again hit hard times, which may come as a blow after recent success; but this time it will be different! Trials will be reflective of bigger changes on the horizon, and the instability will give you the chance to find new happiness. Have a think about what makes you happy, and don't be scared to make serious life changes at this time. You may feel a temporary lack of enthusiasm for your life and could feel a real urge to travel. This can bring you a lot of joy and a fresh perspective on life, which could be just what you need. This is not the only solution to your problems, but it is definitely an option. If you travel you must take good care of your health, especially if you go to a country that is very foreign to you. If you are single then the best times for new love, while last quarter could bring the chance to meet up with an old flame; for better or worse! The good news for you is that love and relationships should be strong for the year ahead, whether single or married. If there is anything that you will learn during it is exactly how much the people in your life mean to you. They will be there for you in your times of need, but will also excite you and bring you happiness when you feel good. In that respect, your personal growth will run alongside another type of growth, where you come to understand the true nature of love. Nurture both your individual and collective sides to have the most beneficial year possible. You must be careful with money in the coming year. All financial decisions will be taken after a lot of thought. You will re-plan your wealth management and invest where you are sure of a profit. In previous years, you may have felt like your bank account records were all over the place. This year finances are more likely to stay relatively stable. Try not to let the little things bog you down too much during this year. Work and friends might stress you out at times, but don’t look too deep into it. Just, stay optimistic at all possible times during the year.