You'll be involved in a serious game of Follow the Leader today, and the good news is that you will be the leader! Everyone is eager to follow in your footsteps because they have led you to such great places -- make sure you don't go too fast for people to keep up. Get ready for some serious attention to cause a disruption in your private life. A few personal facts might become public knowledge, so if you have any secrets you need to hide, do what you need to do to keep them hidden.

You love having options, but today the choices are so varied that you are probably going to feel a bit overwhelmed by them all! Just don't panic and make a snap decision because you think that someone's starting losing patience with you. If you do, you will only end up going back on it a few days later when new facts come to light. Take your time today. Only when you take a good long look at how all your options might play out will you know exactly what you need to do next.

A monthly horoscope marks a time for the fulfillment of goals. You may witness a boost in your confidence and enthusiasm. At the beginning of the month, you may buy or ask for a property from your father. If involved in a land-related problem, things would clear this month. Your mother would support you in most of your decisions. The possibility of your mother earning a new accomplishment is indicated this month. Marriage life might face frequent clashes. For betterment, talk politely and keep your anger in control. If needed, stay away from each other for some time. The period between the second half of this month might remain stressful. Don’t think too much about petty issues. Traveling abroad is on the cards and might be for work or for fun. Keep your expenses in check and avoid wastage of money. Expenses are depicted on decoration, arts, creative work, or jewelry, which would accompany new learning in these areas. A friend would help you in a tough situation. New research would grab your attention. Investments in your own work seem profitable. New projects and work orders would bring additional financial profits. If you work in the fields of marketing, designing, creative arts, or cosmetics, then the month horoscope speaks of a splendid period for you. Good profits and new work offers are likely that might take you abroad. If planning to start a new work, this month seems to bring positive results for you. You may invest after proper research to earn good profits. Business partnerships seem to struggle due to mutual differences. New orders from abroad would boost your morale and confidence. Profits from accounts related work are likely. If working as a counselor, good progress is possible for you. If working in a job, you may face some confusion as the month starts. Work-related stress might trouble you. Avoid considering a job change this month. If searching for a new job, the period around mid-month looks good. Chances of a salary hike look weak; thus, avoid discussing or expecting such things from your boss. Strictly avoid any arguments with your boss or seniors. An increase in expenses keeps your financial condition in a state of confusion. Spend economically. Purchase of land or house is likely. Expenses on home decoration are indicated. Avoid arguments with anyone, as it could lead to a financial loss. An ongoing legal case or health-related issues might demand some expenditure. Investments in the share market seem unfavorable. A loan might become a cause of stress and should be avoided as far as possible. Your bonding with your father might suffer. Profits from inheritance property are likely in this month. Expenses on traveling would rise. Profits and gains from work look good and would easily counter your heavy expenses this month. You may benefit from an old investment. Your love and marriage life looks troubled this month. If in a love relationship, keeping low expectations from your partner would bring your peace of mind. Lack of time for each other could disturb the harmony in your relationship. Your partner might have to travel for work, leaving you alone and possibly disheartened. Plans to travel with your partner might face last-minute cancellations. If you are single and in love with someone, then wait for some time before proposing to them. This month seems unfavorable for such matters and you would have to wait very long for a positive reply. Your marriage life seems average. Be patient and calm while dealing with your partner. If needed, maintain a safe distance from each other till things settle down. Take a diplomatic approach. Stress is likely. Control your anger and speak softly. Things are expected to improve from next month onwards. Family life seems pleasant. Financial help from family members would get you through a tough situation. You may even purchase a house this month with the help of your kin. Relations with your father seem rough and might become a cause of clashes with your mother. Talk to your parents calmly and keep things smooth. Siblings seem supportive and you may plan a trip with them this month. Plan a party or celebration at home to bring everyone together. Healthwise, a month might see an old ailment troubling you. You might have to spend on medical treatments this month. Work-related stress might prevail & practice Yoga and meditation would help you get rid of it. For students, horoscope speaks of new achievements. You would gain new learning and new research might interest you. Results seem to match your expectations, along with possible admission to a college of your choice. If planning to participate in a competition, be very sure of what you want; otherwise, you might think of backing out of it later due to confusion. Seniors or teachers would be able to help you in such a case. Avoid laziness. Work on your hobbies and select your stream of specialization accordingly. The month looks good for your children. Their focus seems good and the outlook appears positive. If needed, you should boost their confidence and help them find the right guide, who could help them on the path to a strong career. They may want to spend more time on sports or entertainment. Make sure they follow a strict timetable to avoid wasting time.

2018 a year when you put your mind into full focus and create the world you have longed to live in, Capricorn. Love and romance is likely to be a profound growing and building field in 2018 as it is directly open to your ability to bring stability and security into this realm. Children in some capacity play a role in the year ahead and require a sense of responsibility and dedication. Make sure you access and allow your inner child ample time to play and enjoy the things you have discovered in life. The planets would be more favorable for you to develop and grow in life. You would gain much authority and power during the period ahead. There would be brightness and a sense of joy and happiness in life. Goodness is just round the corner, but practical difficulties cannot be just ruled out. Your practicality would come in handy to come out and excel in your professional and personal life this year. Your areas of greatest interest this year are finance, intellectual interests and communication, love and romance, religion, foreign travel, higher education, philosophy, career and spirituality. The major headline this year, though, is the new prominence of intellectual interests in your scheme of things. Capricorn natives would have myriad opportunities to excel in their career field this year. Indeed you would have much freedom to explore professional possibilities, would be getting the help of peers and higher-ups as well now. Also there would be circumstances that might lead to professional hindrances, stay calm, work hard and be modest in your relationships at the work place to come out successful. The middle of the year points to some delays and hindrances in your career side. Give in your best this time and you would come out unscathed. Things which you were sure to accomplish will not be done and things which were looking impossible will be done in a fraction. This phenomenon you will experience many times this year. You will have disputes with your professional relations. There will be addition in your friend circle but they may prove harmful later. Do not make friends easily this year.  You might have serious quarrels with your seniors. Physical abuse not at all ruled out from your side. Career is going to soar in the year ahead but later on in the year. Career horizons are expanding. There are honors and recognition for who you are. There is more travel related to business. Pay rises and promotions are happening and though you usually like responsibility, this year it could be more irksome as it could clash with your very active social life. Those are in the government sector may get lucrative government contracts or lucrative government connections. This is a year for ‘prestige’, which is different to plain old money. Money matters may remain wavering due to high and unwanted expenditures. Beginning of the month may force you to incur heavy expenditures on undesirable items. Loss of money is seen as such you also need to be careful of any theft. Heavy expenditures are also possible on account of medical bills on the treatment of some closed one. You may have to arrange for raising the funds. Investment or purchase of property should be avoided this year. However keep your financial measures strict and to the mark so that you do not burn your fingers en-route. The year is favorable for you to make investments in landed property and real estates. The year-end might call for some financial spending related to adventure, travel and recreation, go ahead and splurge yourself, as the period is good for the same. Romance is a forte which is not meant for you this year. Focus on being punctual and calm. Romantic activities will make you more unstable which is not at all good this year. Still, you will have some goodness in this aspect for your life. Modesty and simplicity would help to get into the good books of potential partners in life. Do not splurge on your partner, instead you are advised to live and love within your means. In this way, future troubles can be sidelined. Share your feelings, your likes and dislikes to your partner. Then you would be able to dispel the mystery and enigma surrounding you. The single ones would find the period ripe for dating resulting in true committed partnership for life. Your sensuality and romantic mood would be lifted to a new high as the year progresses on. Those married or already into a relationship would find the year a good time to get to know more about their partner in a better light. Maintain your sense of privacy though through the year ahead. During the year 2018 your health may also be the cause of concern due to disturbed circumstances around you. You may suffer from insomnia. Those who are already facing heart or blood related problems should be more careful during the year. More precautions are required during first quarter of the year. You may also face some injury or you may have to go for some surgery this year. Heavy expenses may also be incurred on journey. Overall this is not a good period for health. Take care of your mental health as well as you are in for some stress and strain this period resulting in some nervous breakdowns if not attended to properly. Go in for a detox program occasionally and cut down on carbs, fats and high-calorie foodstuffs for the year. This would see a healthier and sportier you around the year end. The family life of Capricorn guys this year would be quite rich with a wide variety of events and circumstances lined up for the period. You would command healthy relationships with family members now. Follow your heart and this would help you to avoid troubles in relationships at home. Social life would be at its best if you know how to control your emotions. Friends may not cooperate at the time you need. Your aggressive attitude will also contribute to unpleasant situation to deal with family and relatives. Do not ever enter into any hot and unnecessary arguments this year. Do not pick up any quarrel with anyone otherwise the results may prove to be hazardous. Periodically update and change your approach to certain relationships at home.