Today you might find yourself at a loss as to how to proceed with a particular task or project in which you're involved. There might be a number of options open to you, all workable, and this could prove confusing. If all options are efficient and practical, don't agonize over your decision. Flip a coin if you have to! Success is strongly indicated if you don't stress yourself out in the process.

A partner or colleague might be going through some changes right now, causing you to wonder if you have a future with this person. It might appear that you're moving ahead while this person is lagging behind. This could be just a temporary condition, so take care not to jump to any conclusions at this time. Offer your assistance and do what you can, then let the person work things out. This may pass in a few days

Monthly horoscope for you denotes a rough time ahead. Stress levels seem high till mid-month. Remain patient and take well-calculated decisions till then. Be careful about your health. Avoid indulging in a land related work, as a loss is likely. Old investments would fetch you good profits. Hobbies and work of interest would bring you peace. Traveling abroad is on the cards. Be careful while driving. Avoid arguments or quarrels with anyone. Traveling for work is possible. Your hobbies might start earning you income. Keep your expenses in check. Success would demand sincere efforts and hard work. Work related stress might prevail. Competition seems to rise this month. If in politics, don’t think too much to avoid unnecessary stress. The month would bring you professional success. Business related to designing, decoration or clothes would see good profits. If earning through vehicle or commissions, your gains are likely to improve. A pending project from abroad would clear and would bring additional income. Consult your mentor or seniors before starting a new work. Any withheld work would now complete and financial help for new work would be readily available. If working in partnership, your relation with partner might suffer. Near the end of the month, difference in opinions may further deter your bonding with business partner. If in a job, you may be inclined towards a job change. Confusion might make you indecisive. Control yourself and avoid considering a change of job. Hard work and sincere efforts would fetch you rise in salary and a possible promotion. Don’t say yes to an offer of transfer. Think well before accepting a new work project. In case of differences with your colleagues, better stay quiet. Month looks good for your finances. Profits from old investments would improve your finances. Work related to land seems profitable, yet stay away from investing in land or real estate. Expenses would focus on home decorations & religious work. Financial gains are likely through a business partner. Spend wisely and economically. Large investments in your own work should be avoided. Father and parental property might bring you good rewards this month. This is not a favorable month for lending or borrowing of money. Expenses on your mother’s health are indicated. Avoid investing around the end of the month. Your love life seems rough. If in a relationship, a stressful bonding might make you irate. Your partner seems supportive and you should reciprocate the affection to make things better. Lack of time for each other could further cause problems. Try to make time for each other out of your busy schedules. If looking for a new partner, you might have to wait patiently. If in love with someone, propose to him or her only after the first half of the month. Marriage life looks disturbed during the month. Communication gap with your partner might widen. Try to spend more time with each other, yet speak as little as possible. Your self-imposed discipline at home could cause disruptions. Family life looks uncomfortable this month. Family does not seem supportive. Discuss with your elders before spending on domestic work. Financial help from parents would boost your confidence. A family celebration would help resolve any ongoing issues peacefully. Be careful against a prolonged disease that might trouble you. Stress levels seem to rise. A skin infection or throat infection seems possible. Students need to focus on their careers and work hard. Laziness might cause delays and distractions. You might feel stressed. Avoid wasting your time with others. Desired results would require sincere efforts. Control your expenses & buy only those books that are needed. Your monthly horoscope indicates a positive time for studying abroad. Avoid changing your subjects this month. Your children seem to face distractions & lack discipline in this month. They would make new friends. Plan a trip with your kids and teach them the importance of this time politely. If needed, find a suitable mentor for them who could guide them on the right career path. Take care of their health, as digestive issues are possible. This is not the right time for them to think about changing their subjects.

This is a year where you will get time to do everything that you plan. In general, this year may seem like it is going by slowly, but this will make it easier for you to keep up with everything going on around you. Savor each day for what it is worth. Spend time with your friends and family even though you want to be focused at work. Take time to do the things that you love and you will be sure to have a good year. There is a truly wonderful balance going on in your life during the year, with your work, love, and social life getting their equal share of attention. You are going to make new friends, and seek new experiences, while still holding on to some aspects of your life that will always make you tick! In your career, you can find success through hard work. There will be opportunities for promotion or wage increases if you put your mind fully into certain tasks. You are also likely to be working harder at your job. You don’t want to get fired, and this might make you nervous around your boss at times. You will feel more creative at work and in your business this year. Don’t be afraid to share your great ideas! Who knows? You might even get a raise or bonus out of it. Love is in the air too, and both single and partnered up and married can advance their relationships in the year to come. Romance might not always be at the forefront of your mind, but will be part of this balance that will keep you happy. If you are already in a relationship, then it will continue to be rather steady during this year. Make sure that you accept your faults, as well as the natural faults of your partner. Accept that you have less energy than them and try to reach compromises to make things work. Love, sex, and pregnancy might not be a priority. But keep a lookout for them in case this helps your love life. The year will seem like a roller-coaster ride when it comes to your general health. It doesn’t have huge ups and downs, but there are enough little ones to make it noticeable. Your energy levels will fluctuate this year. At times, it will feel like you are full of energy. At other times, it will feel like you are drained. Because of this, you should exercise when you have the energy to do so or else you are likely to gain a lot of weight. Also, make sure that you are eating right all year as well to keep your body generally healthy. At times, you may seem restless, but you should always try to sleep enough to keep your body at its peak in performance. This is the year of favorable finances but your health might be a little delicate.