Frequently Asked Questions

What is ? is an astrology based web portal and service. With Bhupesh Sharma as its brand ambassador and main astrologer, comprises of an erudite team of astrologers, personally trained by Mr. Bhupesh Sharma. Services from are available via Internet, Mobile Telephony, and Apps.

How do you process queries ?

All the queries that we get from our website interface and from our partners pass through two levels. They first go to a junior astrologer who makes the relevant chart, casts the predictions and sends it to another senior astrologer. The senior astrologer then validates the reply, and makes it in a customer presentable form. If need be, Mr. Bhupesh Sharma is consulted during this process. Once the query has been approved by our senior astrologers it goes to the customer. It would be also useful to note here that all our astrologers follow the astrological principles taught and practiced by Mr. Bhupesh Sharma.

How much time do you take to process these queries?

It’s our endeavor to address all the queries within Suggested time frame of payment confirmation for all orders placed at Queries coming in from our sites get answered within 5 to 7 working days.

Is the pricing same across all countries?

Yes, the pricing for our services is same across all countries. We have made an arrangement so that pricing in the local currency of the country you are currently surfing from can be shown. This is meant for the convenience of our valued patrons. We use online currency converters to get the exchange rates once a day.

Do you prescribe gemstones?

Yes ,But Gemstones don’t change your destiny; it’s only your efforts that matter. To some extents gem stones may help us maintaining proper frame of mind to take appropriate steps and decisions at times but nothing more than that. Gemstones can neither create an event and nor can stop anything. In your case you can wear.

Do you prescribe Remedies?

No , We don't believe in any Uapay or Remedies . These things have no sense or validity. And things don't happen the way we want, they happen the way they are meant to be for our good.

Why is my birth time important?

The birth time is extremely important as the planets are always moving and to identify the exact placement of planets birth time is critical. Even a minute can make a huge difference. It is like taking a snapshot of the sky at any given moment which will not be the same the next moment. So for correct analysis of charts , the time is the most critical exponent.

What’s a horoscope?

Daily horoscopes are the most commonly recognized form of Astrology in the world. While it’s difficult to write an accurate and detailed horoscope that speaks to every single person’s specific situation, horoscopes can be a wonderful tool for getting the general astrological "lay of the land," and a good daily astrologer is expert at keeping us apprised of general conditions

What’s a birth chart?

A birth chart or “natal chart” is your horoscope or astrological chart or graph drawn at the exact time of your birth. In order to get the most accurate birth chart possible, you need to know your time and date of birth, and your location of birth. Your birth chart explains everything Astrological about you, aspects that help define you based on when and where you were born.

What’s a Sun sign?

Your Sun Sign is crucial to your birth chart, and represents your general temperament. It is determined simply by the day and month of your birth.While it’s is a mistake to think that knowing about your Sun Sign is going to deliver information about how you process things, interact with the world or deal with emotions and relationships, it does represent your basic individuality and forms the foundation for your horoscopes. Going further into your horoscope, more specific aspects of your being are reflected by other heavenly bodies and how they all are "aspect" to each other. Your Sun sign is just the beginning, but it’s a great place to start!

What’s a Moon sign?

Every 2 and 1/3 days, the Moon moves from one sign to the next, taking a total of 28 days to do a complete trip around the zodiac, stopping for a visit in one of each of the twelve signs of the zodiac before starting the same journey all over again. The Moon moves quickly, which speaks to your ever-changing moods and emotions. If your Rising Sign represents your "external" self, it can be said that your Moon Sign represents your "inner" or "emotional" self, or the way you handle your emotions and the way you truly feel, whether you reveal it or not. To most astrologers, the moon is also about your intuition, your inner vulnerabilities, your fears as well as the things that can stir your heart. As is the case with the Ascendant, your Moon Sign may be entirely different from your Sun Sign, and reading your daily horoscope for your Moon Sign can also provide yet more insight into your personal astrological makeup.