AstroBuddy Bhupesh Sharma 

Founder, AstroBuddy

Bhupesh's dream of dispelling the myths around astrology and sharing the truth without surrendering oneself to destiny achieved success with the creation of AstroBuddy. As he is young, energetic and passionate, the list of his ardent followers and supporters has grown by leaps and bounds and made him a renowned and respected name, both within India and across the globe. Bhupesh which literally means `King of Earth' is one of the most humblest Astro Consultants one could come across. This is despite the fact that his list of clients include celebrities and heads of corporates. He doesn't believe in sharing the name of his clients as he feels anyone who walks up to him - irrespective of his social strata - is the same for him and has a right of privacy. ‘’I firmly believe in telling the truth and encourage everyone to never give up on hope even if the tide is against them,” says Bhupesh. He has been written about widely across the Indian press and has also been part of talk shows on astrology on leading radio channels in India. He has also taken part in various debates on astrology and has been appreciated for his radical views. When the leader succeeds in setting a good precedent the team that he creates is bound to be the best. The same can be said for his team of Astro Consultants - who are unconventional, direct and very objective in their interpretations of Birth Charts.

Our Mantra at AstroBuddy

"Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. Newton’s Law applies to each and every aspect of life as well. Anything we go through or face in life is a reaction of an action. And every action is again a reaction to some earlier action. For e.g. I will shout if someone slaps me. (Here slap is the action and shouting the reaction) . Someone slapped me because he was angry. (Here the same slap becomes reaction and the anger becomes the action) He was angry because he was annoyed. He was annoyed because I owed him money. I owed him money because I purchased goods from him……………………. And it goes on and on.

We should therefore take every event in our lives to be a reaction of some earlier action. The moment we understand this, our perception towards life will change and our perception to Astrology will change as well and thus we will be able to bring the maximum out of the subject and benefit everyone.

Astrological charts are basically the positioning of the planets at the time of our birth. Every person is born as per his deeds or actions in his/her past life. Planetary configuration at our birth tells us about the direction or the broad lines or shape our present lives will take. We are born at such planetary configurations which will yield results in reaction of our deeds and actions in our earlier lives. It is therefore very helpful to us that with the principles of astrology we can very well visualize our bad times and good times and plan our current lives accordingly.

It is widely said by critics that why do anything if everything is pre-determined or destined. It’s a very immature approach. If everything is destined or pre-determined then Nature would have created Robots and not human beings, each with a different brain. Nature provided brains to us so that we have the ability to choose between the right and the wrong and the more we are right the more positive reactions we will get of our right actions. No event is destined but the reaction is. Any action will have a definite reaction and that is what we call destiny and that is why it is apt to say that we build our own destinies.

There is no point in asking God or desiring anything because we will definitely get what we deserve as per our previous actions. We build our own destinies and hence we should never blame God for our miseries and neither should we ask him for anything because he has already given us brains to judge what is good or bad and then do actions accordingly so that the reactions become positive.

We must always thank Nature or God for whatever faculties he has provided us to do our actions. Astrology helps us to understand the pattern of our present life and utilize it to our maximum potential. AstroBuddy helps you do that.